Welcome to Tranquility Healing, West Sussex

My name is Lynne Trimmer and I am a qualified Bioenergy Practitioner using the Domancic Method.

Bioenergy Healing is a complementary therapy using hands on/hands off methods to enable the body to heal itself.

Bioenergy Healing

Bioenergy Healing

It is scientifically established that every living being is surrounded by an electromagnetic field. This biofield contains all the information of your immune system which works as the body’s own defence mechanism.

Stress, physical and emotional trauma, our environment and even thoughts can create imbalances and blockages in your biofield which in turn can manifest into illness, emotional and physical symptoms.

A Bioenergy Practitioner can remove these blockages so that the body can jump start its own healing process.

To watch an informative documentary go to visit www.healingbioenergy.com.

Open your heart and mind for the opportunity to receive the healing that your body, mind and soul requires.

From Acne to Allergies… Migraine to Multiple Sclerosis… I have treated clients with a variety of conditions ranging from shoulder and back pain to intestinal problems, and Psycogenic illnesses to eczema.