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Bioenergy Healing

Bioenergy Healing

Below are just a few testimonials from my clients.

“I was getting really bad teenage acne. After just two sessions I noticed a great improvement in my skin. Since the treatment my skin has been great and I cannot believe the results. I would recommend it to anyone with skin issues as it has really helped me.”

Miss A


“I hurt my back whilst lifting a commercial fridge. It was so bad I thought I would have to have time off work which is difficult as I am self employed. I had treatment and after the first session was in much less pain and was able to get up and down the stairs again. I was amazed and after the four days my back pain was completely gone.”

Mr G


“During my first treatment for a psychogenic issue, I felt something moving around in my knee and move down my leg and out through my foot. Afterwards I realised that the arthritic pain in my knee that had troubled me for years had completely gone. I also feel so much calmer and am astounded because I was very sceptical beforehand.”

Mrs S


“Our 2 year old rescue dog was restless and hyperactive, always causing carnage. After 2 sessions we noticed a big improvement in her behaviour and after 4 sessions she is much calmer and more sociable. We are now able to take her anywhere with us.”

Mr M


“When I twisted my knee, Lynne treated me and the pain went in less than 15 minutes. She has also treated me when I had a migraine and once again I was pain free in minutes. I am a Bioenergy Practitioner also and I see the same results with my clients but it still amazes me when I am treated.”

Mr D